“Joel Anderson has performed several projects for my amusement and adventure park firm over the past several years. His knowledge and expertise in providing creative solutions to difficult problems has helped our company to increase the quality of our customer delivery.

I would highly recommend Joel Anderson’s consultation to any of my industry colleagues.”

Benjamin Nagengast
CEO – Point Summit, Inc.

“I have known Joel Anderson since January 2009 when I started working with his crew during a charity function.

Joel was and is the driving force behind the construction and “de-construction” of structures during that charity function that occurs every year during the
Christmas season.

Early on I had the pleasure of helping Joel build large electrical panels that provided power to that charity function. He graciously showed me what was needed and wanted so that I could help him effectively.

Throughout my experience with Joel being the leader of an assorted crew, he was always available to provide guidance and expert direction to me on what was needed and wanted.

Additionally, I consider Joel to be a master at operating heavy equipment. He has always positioned the loads precisely where they were needed – sometimes within an inch or so.

Joel always seems to come up with the most elegant and simple solution to any construction issue.

In general, it is a pleasure to work with Joel and one naturally provides as much help to any project he leads as one can.

He is patient yet demanding which brings out the best efforts by whatever crew he leads.”

Terry Slade

“The following is a brief encapsulation of several years of professional contact between myself and Mr. Joel Anderson.

I have known Mr. Anderson since 1995 and have worked with him numerous times on various projects. Joel is exceedingly knowledgeable and personable and has a superb ability to communicate effectively in ways that zero in on the situation being discussed and the likely issues, both physically and personally, that will lead to solutions. He does this not only by direct advice but also in helping to lead the one with whom he is working towards his or her own solutions.

Over the years I have worked with Joel as a colleague often in joint efforts to handle structural or steel related or construction related issues. He has always served as an excellent “sounding board” with whom to share ideas and explorations towards construction related solutions.

I have also operated in several situations, over the years, which tended to resolve with ease once Joel becomes involved. He has shown extraordinary ability to act as a professional advisor and yet recognize and work with the expertise of his client in such a way to never seem preachy or “know it all”. Solutions to issues are a team effort and Joel adds to, enhances and often is key to clean and resolved construction situations.

I know no one of more sterling character. Beyond his professional pursuits I I have watched Joel selflessly devote himself to complex situations for no other reason but just to help. And never have I seen anything with which he has been involved that has not gone right and worked out well.

I am honored to count him as a construction colleague and a friend.”

Kenneth S, Risley, PE, CGC.
The Engineer Designer

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working alongside Joel on several occasions over the past 3 years. The following is a brief encapsulation of several years of professional contact between myself and Mr. Joel Anderson.

Joel has brought his professionalism, extensive knowledge and high performance skills to many job sites and has proven to be a great asset to my organization.

He has worked with me on several projects grossing over $500,000 and through his workmanship, organizational abilities, managerial mindset and pure hard work, he has increased profit margins and completed project ahead of schedule.

Joel has an amenable personality and can communicate very effectively with staff and business owners alike. He is a gentleman who will get the job done safely and effectively above and beyond the expectations of not only myself but also my customers.

Joel has gained intense knowledge and learned many skills throughout his career and brings to the table, ideas, solutions and results every time. He treats every challenge that may arise as a personal journey and will face them head on and overcome them with ease.

Having worked alongside Joel and benefited from his window, I know that he is someone whom I will continue to involve in my business dealings for many years to come.”

Vilayath Ali
Big Iron Int’l, Inc.

“This is a testimonial to the character of Joel who I have known for over 20 years. Joel is that rare person, an honest man and completely unafraid of the truth no matter how hard it may be to face for some. But that is not the whole picture because you have to combine that with his astute ability to problem solve. One minute there’s a problem and a minute later there really isn’t a problem because it’s about to get its butt kicked. As a result, situations improve around Joel. Although Joel and I have never worked together in the construction industry, I have seen his heart of gold not only help me when I have needed it as well as many others but in addition spending alot hours day after day with a young girl we were trying to save from drugs and bad decisions. Joel cares to make things right in the best way possible for all concerned and you really can’t have a better friend.”

Lyle Roland

“I have worked with Joel Anderson for the past 6 years during the Holiday Season. He is fully responsible for creating and building the Annual Winter Wonderland (a village filled with holiday spirit for the whole community to enjoy) in Clearwater Florida. This includes running countless volunteers who may or mat not be knowledgeable in building and therefore demonstrating his ability to communicate and teach while also getting an enormous project done!

He is nothing less than a pleasure to work with and I have been impressed on many occasions at his ability to find the most expedient solution to countless problems that always arise on a building project. He does this with great competence AND affability which is what makes it so pleasant to work with Joel.

His foresight and ability to manage from beginning to end along with his strong character is what makes him THE person you want running the job!”

Kannon Feshbach

“I would follow Joel to hell and back. Why? Because I know I would get back in one piece!

It’s a pleasure working with Joel. His handling of men and machinery is superlative!”

Herb Shaw
New Wave Kitchens, Baths, and More

“I’ve known Joel for about 15 years. We met on a job site and I was amazed at his solution-oriented approach, his competence, and his execution of the work.
Not long after, I sought him out as my employer and apprenticed under him. I took a large pay cut to start in a new career under him, by choice, but I knew it would be worth it. We worked together for the next 10+ years and the knowledge I learned from him about business and life is priceless. I owe my success to him.

He is the best employer, teacher, and friend I have ever had. I often say that I have adopted him (unofficially, of course) as my father. We still work together on many projects and volunteer events in our community and are very close friends.

Joel is super fun to work with and knows how to get things done. He is one of the most honest and sincere guys you’ll ever meet. His competence and problem-solving skills never cease to amaze me. In turn, l have impressed others by demonstrating the very skills I learned from Joel and implementing them on the job and life.

I have not met anyone that has not benefited from knowing Joel or having him in their arena. He’s a go-to guy that has answers.

Joel is highly recommended by me, for help in anyone’s business or life and I know he will produce beneficial and successful results.”

Steve Bibeau

“I have known Joel Anderson for over 5 years now on personal and professional levels. What I consider his two biggest assets are, his willingness to help and his attention to detail.

On 2 separate occasions I needed work done in my home that others considered menial jobs and not worth their time. The impressive thing about this was, despite what I thought would be a difficult thing to do, he had the work done and done professionally, in a very short period of time.

Joel is someone that you can definitely trust to help you take care of matters that seem to have no solution or a difficult one at best. He has an all-encompassing knowledge of the construction industry, and its moving parts with an incredible sense of how to run and keep an organization running.

Joel is someone you can depend on. He always stands by his word and his work.”

Elise Vigeant RN, CPN

“I have known Joel Anderson for many years. I have worked with him on several building projects and have come to know him both professionally and personally.

There is not a better person I know of in the construction field that has his character and understanding of how to get the job done right and fast. He is very organized. His confront of moving particles and the steps of construction and how to get others to work harder is amazing.

If I was a general contractor on a job I would want him to run it, as I know it would be getting done fast and right. He knows his “stuff” and I have seen him teach it to others and seen the fast responses from his workers in applying what he has taught them.

I have come to know Joel personally and I can tell anyone he is of the best character, honest and straight. I trust him completely.

Edgar Sharp, Owner
Sharp Management & Consulting

“I have worked with Joel Anderson on several large projects in the past few years. I’ve always been impressed with his ‘can do’ attitude. No problem is too big or too impossible to solve.

When given a task, he attacks it with enthusiasm and creativity. After giving him a Project, I’ve never had to worry whether it would be done correctly or delivered on time—often times under budget.

He’s a real pleasure to work with.”

Gregg Winteregg, Consultant
MGE Management Experts, Inc.

“I have used the services of Joel Anderson many times. His knowledge of structure, foundations and building materials is unsurpassed by anyone that I know. And having been in both residential and commercial real estate for nearly 30 years, working constantly with contractors of all types, I have to know who to trust when there are serious issues at hand. The most trustworthy person I can call is Joel.

Let me give you some examples. I was called upon to list a fairly expensive house in Belleair, a town just South of Clearwater in an area where you can find many high-end homes. A funny thing happened while I was walking through the house. I was walking down a hallway and had to turn right two times to get into a bathroom. Immediately as I made the second turn, I got extremely dizzy and felt like I was falling down. I suspected major settlement. But the owner was an architect and insisted that he would know if there was any structural damage to the house. Nonetheless, I talked him into letting me bring Joel to the house. The first thing that Joel did was stand outside the front of the house and he pointed out to me how it appeared that both sides of the house were leaning toward the center of the house, and that the back of the house was leaning in toward the front of the house. After walking thru the house, Joel told the owner that the house was most likely on a sinkhole, which is what I suspected. The owner called his insurance company who verified what Joel said. The house was literally caving in on itself due to a sink hole.

On at least three other properties where a buyer felt there might be a major settlement problem, Joel quickly discovered the true source of the problem. He re-assured the buyer that what was suspected as a major problem, was in fact something minor that could easily be repaired.

Recently, there were two different reports on why a house was having settlement problems, and not only were the ‘experts’ not agreeing, but their solutions did not make sense. Joel was called upon to take a look and give the potential buyer his take on the situation. Joel discovered something totally different than either of the other contractors, which turned out to be the REAL reason the house was having settlement issues. The house was on a slight hill and water was running down from the garage area, running UNDER the house. There was so much of the foundation already damaged and so much soil that was gone, that Joel discovered the house was very close to literally slipping down the hill. Once the truth was discovered, the homeowner could take appropriate actions to stabilize the house. Joel averted a disaster that was waiting to happen, saving the property and possibly the lives of the family moving into the house.

Joel has been called on to travel around the Country to solve problems that no other Contractor was able to solve. Sometimes this has happened after everyone in the local area just shook their heads and couldn’t come up with a solution. But somehow, Joel always knows what to do to rectify the situation.

I could go on about how amazing Joel is to work with. But the bottom line is that he has an ability that others can’t even dream of having. He can just look at a property and know what is wrong with it.”

Pamela Ryan
Real Estate Broker/Owner
Ryan Realty, Inc.

“I have known Joel Anderson for several years, through various construction projects and had the pleasure of working directly with/for him on some of these projects.

During the time I have spent working under Mr. Anderson, I found him to be a highly motivated man of decisive action, extensive trade knowledge, with a solid ability to interpret and convey job planning and schematics.

On top of that, he is extremely helpful in aiding other crafts on a project, exercises fair treatment of his peers and subordinates, and can see any project through to the end; no matter the level of difficulty.

I would recommend his advisership to any and all companies involved in the construction trades, as I have personally witnessed his ability to overcome the toughest obstacles construction has to offer.”

Kris Martin
Structure welder

“Joel Anderson has worked on my house at various times. I have also seen him build on jobs first hand in which I was involved with. Not only does he have an excellent knowledge base in the field of construction, he pays attention to detail down to a tee! I love that he is a perfectionist and never does anything shoddy. He handles everything with perfection and aplomb.

If there is ever a need for administrative consulting in construction, he would no doubt be the first person I would go to without hesitation. His knowledge is so extensive and his ethical standards so high, I am absolutely certain he would know exactly what to do to make a construction company successful and smooth running.

You are awesome Joel!!”

Rita Michaels

“As a real estate professional for 23 years I have worked with a number of companies and individuals to locate and resolve problems related to properties that I and my clients have encountered. Joel Anderson has shown that he has the background and experience to help evaluate and determine the right way to fully resolve issues concerning various properties that he has been engaged with.

What I particularly like is the excellent communication skills that he employs to help understand what concerns there are that I or my client have. He then does whatever investigation is needed to get the issues with the property sorted out and find the exact right remedy to correct them completely.

I fully would recommend anyone with a property related concern that wants to ensure that the exact cause and perfect solution is found contact Joel as am confident they will be very happy with his work.”

Kerry Fuller
Real Estate Agent
Clearwater, Florida

“I have known Joel Anderson since 2008. I still remember clearly the incredible good impression Joel left on me the first time we met. We first met at a hotel renovation contractor’s meeting. Out of about 20 contractors in that room, he was the most organized and knowledgeable of all. During that meeting I was wondering who he was and could not wait until the meeting was over to go over and meet him personally. He handled all the customer’s originations with such great communication and incredible knowledge of his field that you could tell Joel was not the typical contractor.

I have been working in the construction industry for 20 years and I can attest that Joel performance is at the top level of his industry. I have been involved in several projects with Joel and his work is always top notch. Joel has a gracious personality, which makes working along with him a pleasure and always displays the utmost competence earning a great respect from all his peers.

With my greatest admiration.”

Pedro Prado
The Painter Company

“Besides Joel’s considerable mechanical engineering expertise and ability to solve some of our more taxing design and production flow problems on the manufacturing side, it is his organizational acumen that has made Joel’s consultations and advice so dramatically valuable.

He has helped us debug our entire business hierarchy, making suggestions that have proven critical to opening up demand for our product and sales. He has streamlined our staff, helping us find ‘camouflaged holes’ in our staffing where we thought a function was being handled when it wasn’t, and so has greatly increased our productivity while saving us money.

Joel has insight and skills unmatched by any other consultant we have ever used in the manufacturing and construction industries. I cannot recommend him enough.

I just wish he would let us hire him permanently…”

Ralf W. Blackstone, MD, Founder
Statim Technologies, LLC

“I have had the pleasure and benefit of management consultations with Joel Anderson. As CEO, I was enmeshed in a conflict with oversight agencies forcing us to adopt an unnecessary technology before they would approve our product.

This unnecessary technology was going to greatly increase the cost of our product while making it less reliable and stable. Joel, with his engineering and management skills, insightfully saw past the conflict and found another avenue past the problem, satisfying the oversight agency, while simultaneously finding a solution that actually increased our reliability, shortened manufacturing time, and lowered costs!

He then listened to a second problem and was able to take my viewpoint of exactly what was occurring. Joel gave me applicable data with which I could examine that area and become more effective. This debugging lifted off enough confusion that I was able to view our business from above and start moving it in the right direction toward long-term goals.”

Jamie Blackstone, CEO
Statim Technologies LLC

“I have known and worked with Joel Anderson since 2009 and have always found him to be competent, dependable and passionate.

We are both very active in our community and so have had the opportunity to work together on numerous charitable events and activities. Each time Joel was a driving force behind solving any problem that arose and doing so with a positive never-say-never attitude that ensures that the job gets done.

Whenever I end up with Joel on my team I know that our project will run smoothly and have a successful outcome.”

Diane Stein
President, CCHR Florida

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